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Piszké Observatory - staralt coordinates

19.895583 47.917806 959.61 2

Or, from within CCDSH:

CCD> staralt "Alcor" "FU Orionis" 12:34:56,+23:45 "Pluto"

Hivatalos intézményi elnevezések -- Official institute naming and affiliations

(as of 2022-07-23, 10:09:53 UTC)

  • Intézet/Institute:
    • Affiliations:
      • Konkoly Observatory, Research Centre for Astronomy and Earth Sciences, (( Eötvös Loránd Research Network (ELKH) [1] )), H-1121 Budapest, Konkoly Thege Miklos ut 15-17, Hungary
      • CSFK, MTA Centre of Excellence, Budapest, Konkoly Thege Miklós út 15-17, H-1121, Hungary [2]
    • Billing address: CSFK, Budapest, Konkoly Thege Miklós út 15-17, H-1121, Hungary [3,4]
    • VAT Number/adószám: 15300320-2-43; HU15300320 (2022-07-23, 10:11:06 UTC) [5]


  • [1] ELKH: optional in the affiliations
  • [2] Since spring 2022, it is recommended to add this affiliation as a secondary one anyone who is employed by CSFK/RCAES
  • [3] This character string, with all of its characters, should be presented in any invoice issued to our address. Everything else (like "Konkoly Observatory", "ELKH", name of Tibor/Tiborina who asked for the invoice, etc) is optional, but does not compensate for any parts missing from the official billing address above.
  • [4] The invoice should be "invoice" ("számla", in Hungarian) in any language and this world should also be presented on the invoice. Alternatives like "receipt" ("nyugta", in Hungarian) are not accepted.
  • [5] Due to EU regulations, the VAT number is always asked from EU companies that issue the invoice. If not, then it is the company's fault de jure, however, de facto it is our fault in practice when the invoice is submitted (although it is exceptionally rare, due to EU regulations, but it is always better to be cautious). On the other hand, the accountants always check the presence of the VAT number on invoices, even when it is originating from outside EU. In such case, always give a comment to the company to put this number on the invoice somehow. Yes, even when the company doesn't understand why. Yes, even when there is no such thing is there like VAT (like in some states of the U.S.). Yes, even when a web store asks for a VAT number, but it disappears (both from the web form and then from the final invoice) once the country of billing address is set. This latter issue is the case for many-many U.K. web stores (see e.g. brexit and all of the related fun).

How to travel

These links below summarizes the formal steps required to approve a travel as well as we list here how and what to do while submitting the related documentation (i.e. it is a howto/checklists about what-to-do's in advance, during and after the travel, as of 2022-08-10, 08:20:13 UTC):

  • Before the travel:
    • Fill this form: Kérelem hivatalos külföldi-belföldi utazás előzetes engedélyeztetéséhez és utazási előlegigényléshez and approve it by the project leader and get is signed by the Financial Department.
    • Always book your flight/voyage/train/cart via Ticketair.
    • If possible, book your accommodation (hotel, hostel, etc) also via Ticketair. Otherwise, reserve such an accommodation where the company is capable to provide a proper invoice (see above, i.e. an invoice - not a receipt - which contains our billing address and VAT number).
    • If possible, pay any related fees (predominantly, registration fees) in advance. This step also helps to minimize the issues/losses due to exchange ratio changes.
  • During the travel:
    • In all cases, where the reality implies that proper invoices cannot be asked, only receipts (like taxi, local transportation), save these receipts and, if possible, pay it by yourself (i.e. private payment, not by an institute-owned credit card).
    • Save all of the boarding passes
  • After the travel:
    • Collect all of the papers (invoices, receipts, boarding passes) after the travel, and:
      • Make a note on the invoices how was it payed (i.e. by cash, by own credit card, by institute-owned credit card)
      • Attach a statement for the invoices or receipts that was paid by yourself (private payment), including private credit card payments and cash (or, not so likely, bank transfers).
    • Fill the travel report document.
    • Fill and sign the Külföldi kiküldetési kérelem document.