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Microficus is the youngest inhabitant of Piszkéstető Mountain Station. She (or in her current state, more like "it"...) is also known as Cat #3, Cirmi #2, and Gyöngyösi-Kovács Mikrofikusz Dömperína. Of course, the only officially recognised designation is Cat #3 (who would call a cat "Cirmi", anyway...). Re-baptising the beast to Ficus should be considered due to its increased size and weight (cf. Brazil).

Her most important task up there is to always act like she has never eaten in her whole life, and also as if she was the queen of... well, basically everything. Twice. Do not dare try to pet her, unless she has given you a written permission signed by primary divine beings of at least three historical churches. Also, sometimes, she is in the mood of catching some mice, but she prefers the queen-thing.

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