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There are two types of phones at Piszkéstető: Conventional phones, and VOIP phones. Inside the observatory, these phones can be called using the listed numbers.


Conventional phone numbers

RCC (telescope): 12
RCC control room: 13
RCC labor: 14
Schmidt control room: 18
50 cm control room: 15
Caretaker: 19
Library: 16
Lounge: 21
Loft: 22

VOIP phone numbers

Support astronomer: 150
RCC control room: 155
Schmidt control room: 156
50 cm control room: 157
Caretaker: 151
Library: 152
Lounge: 153
Loft: 154

All institutional extensions at Konkoly Observatory, Svábhegy can be called via the VOIP network, free of charge. Just type the two digit number. For these numbers, see the following document: [1]. These can also be called from outside, just dial +36-37-200-xxx (where xxx=150...157).

Emergency calls

Currently the 3 digit emergency numbers such as Fire, Police and Ambulance can not be called from VOIP (CISCO) network phones!

Outgoing calls

You have to provide your four digit password. Currently the password of registered users is the same as the enter code to the library at Svábhegy.

More information

Inside the Konkoly network, you can access the following page for more information:[2]


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