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Tokmánykulcs (Hungarian for "chuck wrench") is the provisional - and therefore the likely final and agreed - designation of a kitten, intended to be re-located to Piszkéstető Mountain Station in late October, 2019 (expected date of arrival: 24th of October). Another name suggestions include Macska 4 (Hungarian for Cat number 4), and Cirmi3/Mirci3 depending on whether he/she is a tabby type or not, but again, who would call a cat Cirmi/Mirci, so this suggestion is going to be dropped, inevitably.

Personal note from rszakats: "Tokmánykulcs" is not a real cat name.

Personal note from kriskovics: I concur. For that matter, Cirmi/Mirci shouldn't be either...

Personal note from kalupcs: Unfortunately, Tokmánykulcs did not arrive in October, because his mother moved away them to the neighbourhood, so Csaba could not CATch him. The next expected date of arrival is late November, but because of this unexpected happening, the probability of the arrival was dropped a little...

Personal note from apal: Tokmánykulcs just arrived! (14th of November, 2019)

Update (3th February, 2020): in the light of the recent events, the biological sex of that careless beast is likely decided.

Update (6th June, 2020): Approximately one week ago, she gave birth to her 4 kittens!

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