Troubleshooting: Schmidt

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Schmidt telescope

  • Probléma: A hűtés időnként leáll, második próbálkozásra már megy. A probléma 2016 február elején jelentkezett (any clues?)
  • Problem: The camera firmware is stuck due to host computer overload. It occurs quite frequently (few times in a month) and results in "stripy" images (see e.g. Solution:
    • In such a case, quit ccdsh, run apogee-usb-reset and start ccdsh again.
    • If ccdsh is unable to restart (for instance, it is complaining about the logger), you may check whether some leftover ccdsh process is running in the background. If so, terminate them by issuing killall -9 ccdsh.
  • Problem: the dome moves, but does not follow the telescope properly, however it seems to do so in ccdsh. Solution: probably the dome encoder lost its zero point. Notify the support astronomer.
  • Problem: the dome dehumidifier stops working, a red warning light lights up. Solution: on the southern part of the dehumidifier, remove the black protecting cap (the top of the box, not the filter on the bottom), end press the button to reset.
  • Problem: while using the new FLI camera, ccdsh breaks and you get the shell. Solution: two ccdsh is running in the background, you have to kill them: ps axu | grep ccdsh, the 2. column is the process ID, run kill -9 ID1 ID2, then restart the camera and the controller apu: energenie-manage --camera off, energenie-manage --controller off, energenie-manage --camera on, energenie-manage --controller on. After a few minutes ccdsh can be used again.
  • Problem: right after loading the camera driver, ccdsh quits without error messages. lsusb on the camera backend ( does not show the camera. Solution: there is a contact fault in the smaller Dán-box in the telescope tube, probably in the USB-extender. Notify the support astronomer and/or the technical staff and pray to the Omnissiah. The key for the electrical box is in the middle drawer of the control pult.
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