Listening music on the raspberry kiosk

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  • DO NOT REMOVE THE JACK CABLE FROM THE KIOSK!!!four! It's a pain in the back to put it back, and nobody here has a gynecologist degree.
  • ssh into the raspberry: ssh pi@ The password is the default raspberry password.
  • mount any remote file system you like into one of the /mntdirectories, e.g.: sshfs /mnt/tmp. Yes, you can mount your own laptop, too. Don't remove the jack cable.
  • play music with mp3blaster, preferably from a screen session, while the jack cable is still inside the raspberry pi.
  • If you had the urge to remove the jack cable for whatever reasons, put it back into the kiosk before you leave.
  • Optionally, you can try pulseaudio, the following was tested on a macbook with soundflower running in the background:

On the raspberry: /usr/bin/screen -dmS audio /usr/bin/pulseaudio

On your laptop:

esd -tcp -bind ::1

esdrec -s ::1 | esdcat -s


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