Replacing the SI 1100 and the EMCCD

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2020.11.12.: There is a new platform for two cameras at the bottom of the 1m RCC telescope.

You can switch the two mounted instruments easily. You can do this alone, but you can ask for help if you are unsure! Please follow the following procedure:

  • If you want to change the cameras, unscrew the holding screw of the one that is in use, approximately 8-10 turns. Then pull the camera on the rails to the end. You cannot drop the camera from the platform, so pull it as far as out as you can. Screw it back with the holding screw.
  • Unscrew the other camera, and push it to the light path. Screw the camera back with the holding screw.
  • If you want to install a third camera, move both cameras away from the light path. Find the yellow box in the third red cabinet from the left. Apply the extension with the screws provided in the box, and mount he camera on the extension. There is only one position you can mount the extension.


  • Don't touch the cables! You shouldn't disconnect anything during the procedure.
  • Check the cameras from m5 or m16 respectively.

After the replacement, you can use the EMCCD or the SI camera:

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