The Vaisala weather station

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An alternative source for weather data can be obtained from the Vaisala weather station (especially in the case of the humidity data, which can be unreliable). You can get the readings from the station with this command: netcat 8809. The weather information is in the 0R2,Ta=11.8C,Ua=75.9P,Pa=911.6H lines (Ta: temperature, Ua: humidity, Pa: air pressure).

Wind strength can be read from the 0R1,Dn=043D,Dm=044D,Dx=045D,Sn=0.9M,Sm=1.0M,Sx=1.1M lines (Sm) in m/s units. Maximal wind speed is shown in the Sx field.

Alternatively, you can use netcat 8809 |while read i; do echo $i|grep "Ua"|awk -F ',' '{print $0;if(gensub("Ua=([0-9][0-9].[0-9])P","\\1","g",$3)<=85){print "\a"}}'; done to display humidity data and get an alert when humidity drops under 85%.

This humidity information is also shown on the information display in the observer's building.

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