Troubleshooting: OCELOT

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Troubleshooting: OCELOT

  • Problem: it is possible that the ixon-server cannot be started due to a lock file present in /tmp, however the server is not running. This could happen after a power

failure or other malfunction, e.g. a crash of the ixon-server. Solution: If you are absolutely sure that the server is not running, delete this file.

  • Problem: After a shutdown/power failure, the shutter parameters might be reset. During exposures the shutter will not open, resulting in dark frames. This can be tested e.g. by trying to obtain flat field frames. Solution: To set the correct shutter parameters, first disconnect from the camera on m16, and exit the GUI. Then stop the ixon-server via telnet:
telnet localhost 32768

After connecting to the server, the command shutdown stops the server itself. The connection can be terminated by closeconn. After stopping the ixon-server, the correct parameters can be set by

root@emccdrcc:~# serial -c /dev/ttyUSB0 -b 38400

Exit with Ctrl-D. Restart the ixon-server that was probably running in screen:

screen -r
ixon-server /usr/local/etc/ixon-server/ixon-server.cfg

Leave the screen by pressing Ctrl-A-D. Do this only, if you are absolutely sure that the shutter is causing the problem! Check all other obvious possible problems:

  • The dome is open
  • The dome and the telescope are looking in the same direction
  • Tube and mirror covers are open
  • Both filter wheels are in correct position
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