Troubleshooting: RCC Fuses

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  • Problem: The fuse(s) of the RCC dome lights are shut down. Solution:
    • The fuses of the dome lights (and other lights in the building) are located in the ground floor of the RCC building. In Fig.1 you can see the doors in the basement. The mains switches and fuse boxes are behind the opened door (the right sided).
    • The fuse box is a huge metal cabinet (see Fig. 2). You have to open the "világítás főkapcs."-marked door with a 6mm hex key (6-os imbuszkulcs).
    • Now you can see the fuses (circuit breakers, in fact, i.e. "kismegszakító", see Fig. 3.). Turn on the one(s) which is (are) in off-state.
    • To make sure the fuse is working check the dome lights by turning the lights on in the RCC dome.
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