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Mintron camera

Currently the fiber stream can be viewed by the Mintron camera instead of the WATEC on-axis camera. For its usage, see the Mintronctrl page.

On-axis fiber camera

A WATEC on-axis camera attached to a AXIS M7001 video server is installed enabling the observer to move the target object exactly to the location of the spectrograph fiber.

Viewing the camera stream

The stream from the camera can be reached with a web browser on If someone is observing outside from the network, just tunnel the traffic of the port 8081 via SSH by involving a random computer on this network:

ssh -L

Doing so, the on-axis video stream is going to be available apparently from localhost:8081. Using the "stop" button at the lower-left corner of this video stream page, one can pause and/or restart the stream in order to save bandwidth. (Or use


Note that the focus of the WATEC on-axis camera can only be adjusted via the acectrl program by moving a lens placed in between the scientific fiber and this camera. See also the detailed spectrograph control section for more information.


The exposure time and gain values used by this on-axis fiber camera can be controlled with the program mintronctrl. This program is installed currently at the m5 machine.


Sometimes (most likely, after blackout) the AXIS server might say that there is "NO VIDEO". In this case, one should restart the video server. Login to the camera server with the appropriate admin login and password (for the login name and password, see Camera configuration below). Then go to the Setup -> System options -> Maintenance submenu and click on the first button at the central part of the page saying "Restart the AXIS M7001 Video Encoder". The camera should be up in 1 - 1.5 minutes or so.

Camera configuration

See the page on-axis camera configuration for more details about the current configuration of the AXIS M7001 specific settings (just in case, if the camera is broken and a new but otherwise similar device is to be installed).