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40cm RC telescopeACE spectrograph
A Schmidt-távcső használataAcectrl
Andor EMCCDAuxiliary systems on the RCCBanánhajó
CaptainCaracalCassegrain Optics
Cassegrain telescopeCats at PiszkésCeiling cat
CheetahCreme brulee es chocolate mousseCurrent status of the instruments
Dogs at PiszkésDoor keys at PiszkéstetőEverything else
FLI ML16803FLI PL16803FLI camera
Fail2ban ConfigurationFlat-headed cat
Fly's Eye: SuperMicro server rack and related stuffGrey (cat)
HUsage of the Schmidt telescope - by G. Hodosán
Intruder 1Intruder 2Intruder 3
Intruder 4Irbis
Issues with the mains electricityK2 C16: Supernova ExperimentK2 C17: Supernova Experiment
KodkodLight curve checks
List of active Q programsListening music on the raspberry kioskMain Page
Muflon nokedliN24OCELOT
Pampas catPhone numbers
Piszkési műszak, 2016. 07. 07.Piszkési műszak, 2016. 17. 14-15.Piszkéstető Mountain Station
Precision timingPublicationsQueue programs
RCC autoguidingRCC pointing/run/20150218RCC subsystems
RCC telescopeReceptekReducing Echelle spectra with IRAF
Replacing the FLI PL16803 and the EMCCDRudiS1-cam1-ccd1
SCH tubuszár projektSI 1100SSand cat
Schmidt-dehumidifierSchmidt telescopeServal
Spectrograph CCDSpectrograph fiber camera
Spenótos quicheTESS SupernovaeTESS asteroids
TestThe PRCC environmentThe RCC and its subsystems
The Vaisala weather stationTokmánykulcsTroubleshooting
Troubleshooting: ACE spectrographTroubleshooting: MainsTroubleshooting: OCELOT
Troubleshooting: RCCTroubleshooting: RCC FusesTroubleshooting: Schmidt
Tuttyolt ratyliUsage of OCELOT on the RCCUsage of VNC
Usage of the ACE spectrograph on the RCCUsage of the FLI PL16803 on the RCCUsage of the SI 1100S on the RCC
Usage of the SI 1100 on the RCCUsage of the Schmidt telescopeUsage of the Schmidt telescope - by G. Hodosán
Usage of the dehumidifierUsage of the screen programUseful pages for observing
WatecctrlWeekly information for support astronomers
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